as you may already know, depending on the terrain of Georgia, moving by helicopter is often the only solution to manage an emergency situation. In most cases, quick response to provide emergency search and rescue or medical assistance is of crucial importance. Pilots must be properly trained, have the appropriate equipment and experience of performing similar tasks. Apart from that, it is also essential that the type of aircraft is tested and suitable for similar activities with its characteristics. “Aviacopter” offers a Bo-105 type twin-engine helicopter, which is distinguished by its reliability and a long history of performing similar operations.

  The Bo-105 helicopter has been used in many European countries since 1970 as a means of search and rescue, medical aid and coast guard. It has repeatedly proven its reliability and capabilities during its long-term operation.

  During thirty years of flying experience, the pilots of “Aviacopter” have repeatedly participated in various types of complex rescue, search and firefighting operations.

  In addition, it is often necessary to perform the following types of emergency measures by a helicopter: transferring a critical patient from one clinic to another, or from a hard-to-reach terrain directly to a clinic, delivering vital products and medicines by air in hard-to-reach regions and in force majeure situations. Emergency services emergency services