Helicopter cargo transportation is a world-proven and irreplaceable method when it comes to specific types of cargo, hard-to-reach places and force majeure situations.

This service has the following advantages:

  • Promptness – time and speed are often the deciding factor when transporting a certain type of cargo. In most cases, timely and fast delivery is of vital importance and a helicopter has no alternative.
  • Access to hard-to-reach places – depending on the characteristics of the helicopter, it is possible to transport cargo in the regions with rough terrain and dangerous roads. Floods and landslides are also frequent, which lead to the isolation of one or another settlement from the environment. In this case, the helicopter is the only means of supplying the population with food and other necessary, urgent medicines.

If your occupation requires the transportation of cargo by air, “Aviacopter” can offer you to plan and perform the mentioned service. Cargo can be transported by helicopter both in a luggage compartment and using a hanger, depending on the dimensions and specific characteristics of the cargo.