Historical region Tusheti is located in the extreme north-east of Georgia, in the Kakheti Mountains. It is distinguished by its exquisite landscape and leaves a special and unforgettable impression on all visitors with its views of the Caucasus, endemic flora and unique architecture harmonized with the environment. In addition, the Tushes have well preserved ancient customs, cuisine and the old tradition of brewing beer (“Aludi”).
  Because of all this, Tusheti is one of the most attractive places in Georgia, though tourists sometimes refuse to visit it as the road is quite dangerous. As a result of heavy rains, there are frequent rockfalls and landslides paralyzing the roads. Apart from that, covering the distance to Tusheti by car can be very tiring and uncomfortable.

That is why we provide you with the possibility to visit Tusheti safely and comfortably.

Tour Description:

The flight starts in the village of Kachreti, from the “Ambassador” hotel, and allows you to enjoy the most beautiful views of Kakheti: the Alazani Valley, wide vineyards, historical monuments, and the Caucasus. After flying over the Abano Pass, a beautiful sight will unfold in front of you: untouched and wild nature, unique towers and villages of Tusheti. The landing place is Omalo village, which is the center of Tusheti community. Here you can visit the Keselo Castle, taste local dishes and learn about the customs of the Tushes.
The air tour is carried out by the Bo-105 helicopter, which is distinguished by its comfort and reliability. The helicopter is designed for 4 passengers.

The base of the helicopter is the “Kachreti Ambassador” complex, which offers you to relax, have fun, take various activities and taste the delicious Georgian-European cuisine before or after the flight. Our guests can benefit from a special discount. Please, contact us for detailed information. Avia tour to tusheti  Avia tour to tusheti