Charter flight 
charter service means to plan a flight. (on the basis of an individual request) between airports, towards hotels and resorts, with the purpose to attend sports events, concerts or business meetings, providing fast and comfortable movement anywhere. avia services after before after

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Avia tours

– we offer tours tailored to thematic and individual interests. Our tour operators will help you plan a tour that is interesting to you, taking all the details into account. “Aviacopter“ offers tourist packages in Georgia. Tailored to different interests such as: seasons, mountains, wine, gastronomy, adventure, culture, etc.

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   If your occupation requires the transportation of cargo by air, “Aviacopter” can offer you to plan and perform the mentioned service. Cargo can be transported by helicopter both in a luggage compartment and using a hanger, depending on the dimensions and specific characteristics of the cargo.

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       Aerial Photography/Videography

Aerial photography/videography is a highly demanded and necessary service for the people who put a priority on high quality. With appropriate equipment and a predetermined plan, together with the experienced pilots, you will be able to take quality and unique shots. “Aviacopter” allows you to plan different types of shooting, such as: commercials,. documentary and feature films,. music clips, various cultural,. sports or festive events. before Avia Services after Avia services

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Tobavarchkhili lake

 Rescue Operations

   As you may already know, depending on the terrain of Georgia, moving by helicopter is often the only solution to manage an emergency situation. In most cases, quick response to provide emergency search and rescue or medical assistance is of crucial importance. after before after before

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